What if your body was your ally instead of a source of pain and frustration?

If you are experiencing pain that won't go away no matter what you do, then you can likely relate to some (or all) of this:


"I'm too young to feel this old."

A general sense of dread when considering every-day activities, let alone big life events.

"Something is looming, it's always hanging over me… I worry about what my future will look like with this pain."

"Is this what my life is?"

"I feel like my body is trying to tell me something but I have no idea what it is."

These are common things my clients tell me when they describe what it's like to get through their days.

They look at a set of stairs, wondering how they can avoid them altogether or how they're going to climb up and down with their knees feeling the way they do.

Or maybe you're like one of my clients, who loves spending time with her grandkids. Before working with me, she couldn't get down to the floor, let alone get back up without a lot of pushing through the pain. And forget about a piggy-back ride! Sometimes the pain was too much so she had to stop playing with her grandkids altogether and was heartbroken it had come to that.


People who work with me worry that the pain they are experiencing is never going to change.

At the end of the day, there is this looming fear about what will happen if the pain continues.

How will you live the rest of your life? Will you have to alter the dreams you have for your future due to the pain you're experiencing?

Maybe it's that trip you want to plan … can you handle all of the walking?

Or going to your daughter's wedding or graduation … but what if your back continues to seize up?

Or when will you get a good night's sleep and wake up feeling good!

Can you enjoy your hobbies for much longer or will you have to give them up?

Will you be able to exercise and get in better shape?

Will you ever find the peace you're looking for?

Perhaps you've tried:

●        Simply pushing through it or trying to ignore it, hoping that things will change

●        Heat or cold packs, or both, only to experience temporary or even no relief

●        Massage, which may help temporarily but can be costly and not have long-lasting relief

●        Physical Therapy, Chiropractic care, Energy healing, or any of a myriad of other treatments, which either didn't help or only helped temporarily,

●        Just accepting the pain and being as positive as you can be about it

●        Trying to lose weight, or exercise more or become vegan, or make some other lifestyle change because you've been told that your pain is due to these factors

●        Trying to meditate the pain away or trying to relax by using deep breathing or other techniques

●        Injections, surgery, medication or other tools of the conventional medical pain management path

It's certainly not for lack of trying to solve the problem. The people I work with have usually tried all sorts of things to help themselves feel better. But the problem is they've been looking in the wrong place.

Because we are taught to trust the experts and listen to the professionals. To put the power for our healing outside of ourselves, on some expert who knows more than we do about our bodies.

No one told us that WE are the expert of our body and our body has healing wisdom if we could only listen to it.

What people are saying about Ally:

"I am enjoying so much my new growth and freedom. I honestly have to say I didn't know life could be so wonderful. Gratitude abounds!"


"Whatever it is that you do, more of you will be doing it. You'll be the best you while you do it."


"When we're used to living from a mental space it is a leap to trust that when you tune into your body and trust it, there's a whole world there that you will never experience if you don't create space and time for it. You'll experience a difference in quality of your beingness. It's about living from ALL of ourselves - the limitlessness of us, rather than the limited mind."

ALLY is designed to teach you how to have a completely different relationship with your body.


In ALLY, you learn how to listen to and trust your body and in doing so, your pain can finally start to shift.

This 4-week program is for you if any of these things describe you:

  • You have chronic pain and you're ready to try something different to heal it
  • You struggle with some other chronic condition, like anxiety, depression, auto immune issues, and are open to exploring how the body is the key to healing
  • You're know about the power of the mind body connection and want some tangible and powerful tools to work with it
  • You're interested in learning how to become more fully embodied and to harness the power of the mind body connection

One of my clients illustrates the power of Ally perfectly.

Janice (not her real name) came to see me when she was in her 50s. What brought her to my office was abdominal pain that wasn't improving after having had hernia surgery the previous year. But she also had chronic hip and low back pain due to an old injury she had suffered more than 25 years ago. She wasn't actively seeking help for the hip and back pain because she was so used to it and had just accepted it as "the way things are".

She had been an elite competitive college athlete and during tryouts for the United States national team 25 years ago, she suffered a devastating injury (she was running full speed and setting up to shoot on net and stepped into a hole!) that ended her competitive athletic career on the spot. Her left hip and low back were never the same.

She had learned to live with the pain and adjust her lifestyle to compensate for it. She remained physically active, but always with severe pain that she learned to push her way through. But it was catching up with her.

During our work together, I taught her some of the things I will teach you in Ally. At one point, she was scheduled to run in a half marathon, and she asked me if I thought it was alright for her body. I advised her to try it and use the principles I taught her.

She ran the half marathon, and at mile 11 her left leg (as was "normal" for her) began to cramp and seize up. This was the point where, in the past, she would have either used her will power to force herself to keep going to finish the race, despite the pain, or she would have had to stop running.

Instead, she used the knowledge she gained from Ally, and she was able to not only finish the race but she said she felt as if she had just started the race and would have been able to run ANOTHER half marathon right then and there!

After 30 years of helping people heal, I noticed some of the crucial elements that create lasting change and put them into an easy-to-access and very affordable program for you in ALLY.


My favorite moment I have with my clients is when the light returns to their once pained eyes and they see hope for their future instead of having to just get by and tolerate their pain.


I can't wait until YOU have that light return and experience more ease in your body and joy in your life.


I've worked with former athletes, grandmothers, and everyone in between. The common facet with my clients is they have pain they've been trying to heal without success, and they're ready to go deep and try something different.

More comments from people who've done Ally:

"I am enjoying an ongoing release and sense of peace and wellbeing that I have no memory of experiencing before in my life. It's so amazing! I am a realist about waves of life but I feel as if I am gaining many needed tools. I am beyond grateful."


"Today's revelation in my therapy would not have been possible if I hadn't started thinking about things in a different way. I've been trying to get at it forever. I was so surprised by it. Going into something without the agenda and being open was surprising. I've been trying for so many years to figure out how to change … I was working so hard at it … this came as a complete surprise to me."


"I was surprised that the whole rest of the evening I had this real lightness about me. I felt very restored after. Before the [Ally] exercise, I just wanted to pour myself a scotch and sit in front of the TV."

What is your body trying to tell you?


What could change in your life if you knew how to communicate and listen to your body?


You are invited to experience ALLY for yourself, so you can live your life fully and joyfully instead of struggling to get through the day.


In ALLY, your relationship with your body will change. Instead of being in a tug of war with it, you'll be more at peace and will have a better, more empowered relationship with your body.

The tension that you carry within you about your body softens and goes away.

How Does ALLY Work?

You'll receive access to this online training that contains written, audio and video content that will take you through a series of simple and profound exercises to create the change you desire with your body.

Module 1 - Awareness without Agenda

This module takes you through a body awareness exercise with a twist. This 20-minute exercise leads you to tune into your body and notice what it feels like WITHOUT TRYING TO MAKE IT BE ANY PARTICULAR WAY.

This is the foundation for everything else to come in Ally. This exercise connects you to your body at its pace and begins to create and nurture two-way communication between you and your body to help your mind learn to let go of its familiar control and allow your body to begin to be "heard" more.

Module 2- Issue Inquiry

You will connect to a specific issue in your life that currently is causing you difficulty or frustration and discover where that issue lives in your body. You'll discover how to allow your body to provide you with information and insight to help shift the issue.

You'll not only experience a shift with something in your life, but you'll also create ease and enhanced awareness in your body, which loosens up pain and stuck energy in your body.

Module 3 - Self Unwinding

In this module, you experience a gentle physical activity designed to access and release physical restrictions in your body along with any unresolved emotions that might be held there.

This is where you start to experience the conscious release of tension and pain in your body.

Module 4 - Your Body, Your Ally

This is where we bring it all together! You get a firsthand experience of allowing the wisdom of your body to guide you into deep release and healing around an issue that has frustrated you.

You'll use Awareness Without Agenda (module 1) as the foundation to explore your life in collaboration with your new, trusted ally - your body!

Bonus: Support for Your Personal Questions

I understand that every body is different and your challenges are unique, which is why I have a private Facebook group that you can join as part of Ally. It's a space where you can ask questions, get support, and where I will post occasional live videos to provide new content and answer questions.

The investment for ALLY is only $99 USD

Barbara Gosselin

Hi, I'm Barbara Gosselin, but you can call me Babs, which is way more than a nickname for Barbara (check out my Meet "Babs" page on my website for the story)!

I'm an energy healer and former physical therapist specializing in helping people heal from trauma. My offerings include: online transformational healing sessions using my Embodied Story Alchemy process; do-it-yourself transformational programs; small group online programs; healing retreats; and personalized healing adventures to help as many people as possible using my innovative healing approach.


Why I do this work:

I believe that when people are healing the story that's written in their bodies they don't act out those pent-up emotions and challenges onto each other and in the world. My mission is to teach as many people as possible that they can heal their bodies and I believe when we collectively do this work, we will see a more peaceful, joyful, and kind world.

When I see the change in people, the relief, the light that returns to their eyes, sometimes after just after one session, my heart is full and I'm smiling from ear to ear to witness it and deeply honored to be part of it. I can't believe I get to do this for a living!

I'm honored to be your guide to discovering the ally you have with your body.