Welcome to Ally! I’m so glad you’re here, taking this step to transform your relationship with your body, so you have less pain and have more freedom in your life!

Through Ally, we’re going to undertake a journey together, a journey into your body.

This journey is about shifting your relationship with your body, away from trying to figure out what is wrong with it and fix it, into one of learning to connect with and communicate with your body in such a way that you are able to understand what its message, through your symptoms, is trying to convey to you.

Because your body is much more than a collection of physical parts or biochemical processes that something can go wrong with. Your body has its own wisdom and its own intelligence that you can learn to connect to, learn from, and align with, leading to less pain and struggle and more ease and freedom in your life.

This is living life with your body as your Ally

Now, I realize that when you’re in pain, well-intentioned people can sometimes make things worse by telling you what you should or shouldn’t do to try to resolve your pain. Although sometimes their advice can be helpful, often it can be downright infuriating because it implies that resolving your pain is as easy as simply following their advice.

I know that there are no easy or one size fits all solutions to pain and I respect everything you have done up to this point to try to find help for your pain.

I also know how hard it is trying to find help and relief for your pain, only to be disappointed again and again. And I know how pain can take over your life, doing a number on the quality of your life, your identity and your confidence in yourself.

So I deeply honor your decision to take this chance on Ally.

Although some of what I’m going to be teaching you in Ally may be familiar to you (if you’re familiar with things like meditation and mindfulness), Ally is different because it approaches the relationship between the mind and the body in an entirely different way, one that many people don’t know about, and one that I find is often the missing link to deep healing and lasting recovery from chronic pain and illness.

I encourage you to be open minded with everything I’m about to teach you in Ally, apply yourself whole heartedly to the exercises, give yourself the time and the space to do the exercises, and be open to any and all experiences that might arise.

And lastly, before we get started, the process I’ll be taking you through in Ally can touch into some potentially difficult or painful places. It’s important that you be gentle with yourself, and if at any time, you start to struggle or feel overwhelmed in any way, please take a break, get some support and take care of yourself. This is not a process that you can push your way through.

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