Breakthrough Healing Journey Session

In this 90 minute virtual session, we use that which you are struggling with now, whether it’s something physical, emotional, or anything else, as the doorway into a deep healing journey. Using your body as the guide, and a variety of tools I’ve learned along the way in my own personal and professional journeys (guided imagery, journeying, remote energy healing, channeled healings and messages, etc), we will get to and clear the root of the issue. You will leave with deeper understanding of yourself and the issue, relief from that which has been stuck, and a greater sense of freedom and peace. Let’s go there and clear this out!



Deep Dive Healing Journey - 3 months

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In this 3 month (12 week) journey, we’ll dive deep into your story and your healing. This journey is customized to you and your unique path and process. By listening deeply to what comes alive for you and using the issues that arise as guideposts along the way, your body will guide us on a deep, powerful healing journey.

Over the course of 3 months you’ll receive:

  • 12-90 minute Breakthrough Healing sessions
  • Soulwork assignments to work with between sessions, to deepen the healing
  • Access to me between sessions through email or some other agreed upon technology method 

This is a deep healing journey. If you’re truly ready for deep transformation, I’d be honored to go there with you.

$4,444 or 3 payments of $1,500

If you’re interested in this program, first schedule a Breakthrough Healing Journey Session, above, and let me know at the beginning of the session that you’re interested in the 3 month journey. If, after the session, we both feel that this deep dive is in alignment, the cost of the first session will be deducted from the cost of the 3-month journey.