Tapping Into Your Body’s Wisdom

Issue Inquiry is all about using the foundation of Awareness Without Agenda™ to connect to the inherent wisdom of your body, learning to receive and trust information, insight and inspiration from it.

Most of us have learned that the mind is the primary tool to use when trying to solve a problem or resolve an issue. But as we’ve learned, the mind is only able to bring to a situation that which is already knows or has experienced. So, by definition, it is limited.

When you learn to connect with the body, and open to its wisdom, you connect to a much broader and fuller set of possibilities. The body, through the bioenergetic field, is connected to the larger, infinite, universal energy field, in which all possibilities exist. So by bringing a question to the body, you are opening to solutions, ideas and inspiration that you would never think of if using only your cognitive abilities.   

One of the powerful things about this Issue Inquiry process is that you may end up accessing and healing deep wounds that you didn’t even know were related to this current day issue! You can use the current day issue as an entry or access point into more deeply held subconscious issues. The truth is that we are always experiencing the things in our lives through the lens we carry in our body. Often, the reason something bothers us so much in current time is because it’s connected to an unresolved issue or wound that we carry in our body but that we’re not consciously aware of. By going into the current situation, without agenda, you may uncover the deeper wound, making it available for healing. And then the charge on the current day issue melts away.