Issue Inquiry Prep Questions

Before we do the Issue Inquiry audio exercise, I’m going to have you do some writing, so have your journal or pad of paper ready.

Think about an issue or situation in your life that has been frustrating you, or that feels stuck to you in some way. This might be a situation with a specific person (such as a recurring argument with a significant person in your life, etc), a more general situation (such as dissatisfaction with your job, etc), something about your body that won’t change despite your best efforts, etc.

Now write about that situation in your journal, using the following questions as a guideline:

1.       What does this issue bring up for you as you think about it? What kinds of feelings are there? Just allow yourself to freely write anything and everything that comes up for you, no censoring!


2.       As you think about this situation, tune into your body: what do you notice in your body? What kinds of sensations or feelings do you notice?