How The Body Communicates

The important thing to know when you’re having a conversation with your body is that your body “answers” differently than you might be used to. It’s not a typical question/answer process, in which you ask the question and your body answers in the typical way or pace.

So it’s not:

You: Hi body, what can you tell me about this situation?

Body: Well, here’s the thing. It might be good for you to think about x, y or z.

You: Oh, okay, thanks body.

Body: Don’t mention it.


It’s more like:

You: (having set aside time and space to slow down and connect to your body) Hi body. What can you tell me about this situation?


You: Hellooooo, body, are you there?


-a minute or two passes

You: (taking a deep breath without even planning to)

You: (noticing tightness in your low back, breathing into it)

You: Okay, body. I’m ready any time.

You: (noticing tightness in low back shifting a bit)

-a few minutes pass, while you focus on breath and body

You: (spontaneously thinking about something “out of the blue” that is relevant to this situation)

You: (noticing some emotion that you hadn’t noticed before in relation to this situation)

You: (getting some insight that you hadn’t thought of before)

You: (connecting some dots or getting some clarity on something about the situation that you had never thought of before)

You: (feeling better about the situation)

You: Thank you body!