The One and Done Expectation

It is tempting to think that if your pain or other symptoms go away during or after one of the exercises that it will stay gone, and if it comes back it’s because there’s something wrong with either you (you haven’t done it right) or the exercise (it didn’t fix the problem). This is like looking for the elusive “magic bullet” that will quickly fix the problem. But the body is more complex than that and recovery does not tend to work in such a clear, linear fashion.

If this happens for you … your pain diminishes or disappears only to reappear again … rather than seeing this as an indicator that the program isn’t working, instead see if you can focus on the fact that your body was able to experience relief from the pain in the first place, even temporarily, which means it is possible. So view it as confirmation that your body is capable of being without the pain.

The reality is that your body is used to being the way it is. It can take some time to reinforce the changes and allow your body to gradually settle into a new way of being.