Learn to A-C-C-E-P-T

To experience the greatest transformation from Ally by shifting from the top down to the bottom up way of living, there are 6 mindsets that are vital for you to cultivate:

  1. A – Acceptance

Whatever may arise during any of the exercises, accept it as it is without struggling to figure it out or believe that it’s real or true. Practice saying “yes” to whatever arises, which doesn’t mean “yes, I like this”, but that you accept it fully, with no resistance to it.

  1. C – Curiosity

Let go of any preconceived ideas you might have about how things are or should be. Instead of analyzing and trying to figure out the experiences you’re going to have, carry an attitude of genuine curiosity. Get used to thinking “hmmm, look at that” rather than “what does that mean” or “what do I need to do”.

  1. C – Compassion / Non-judgment

Be aware of any self-judgment that might arise during Ally, for any reason, and see if you can bring an attitude of compassion and kindness to anything that may arise. This includes any judgments that might arise about yourself, any resistance you might encounter to any aspect of the program, or anything that arises during any of the exercises. Be kind to yourself!

  1. E – Elimination of Expectation

Be open to experiencing whatever shows up for you, without setting expectations about how things should or shouldn’t be. Let go of any attachment to a specific outcome and make room for the unexpected.

  1. P – Patience

You may find yourself impatient for answers or results during this program. But the body’s pace tends to be slower than the pace you may be used to. So you’ll need to practice patience, and give your body the time it needs. Keep in mind one of my favorite sayings about healing: “You can’t make grass grow faster by pulling on it”. Be patient and allow things to unfold rather than trying to make them happen.

  1. T – Trust

Some of the experiences you may have during Ally may be unusual or confusing for you, and you may find yourself wanting to discount or question them, just like Susan did with the green bean image. Regardless of the experience, you can trust it, even if you don’t understand it at first. Allow the experience to unfold rather than trying to figure it out and trust that the understanding will come if you stay actively engaged with the process.