Bottom Up Living

When you practice the bottom up approach, you are aware of and connected to your body in such a way that you are able to use physical sensations as guides to:

  1. Connect to and resolve any emotional issues being held in your body.
  2. Recognize places in your life that are misaligned with your real, authentic self.
  3. Make decisions in your life that are based on your deepest wisdom and intelligence.

You are able to receive your body’s wisdom and guidance in every aspect of your life. And your mind and your body are working together, as allies, to help you live your life in the smoothest, freest, most joyful way possible.

When you relate to the body in this way, you recognize 2 things about it:

  1. Your body contains information that your mind doesn’t, and the combination of the two … the body plus the mind … connects you to possibilities that do not exist in your mind alone.
  2. Your body functions on a very primal, innocent, basic level, just doing what it’s doing because it is trying to take care of itself/you. It has, on some level, the mentality of about a 4-year-old. Just as with a 4-year-old, the more you listen and work with your body, rather than always telling it what to do, the more successful, happy and at peace you are likely to be.

The bottom up approach is what I’ll be teaching you in Ally. When you learn to communicate with your body in this way, you will discover that your body is your greatest ally in your search for a pain free life full of freedom, meaning and joy.

What I’m going to be teaching you in Ally may be very new to you, or it may be quite familiar to you. In either case, I encourage you to be open to the information and practices I’m going to teach you in Ally, and trust that they can help you shift your relationship to your body and your symptoms.

If there’s something that sounds farfetched to you, please be open to considering and exploring it, and see what effect it has. I have seen time and time again that the things I’m going to teach you in Ally help people recover from pain and limitation that has been plaguing them for years, sometimes decades.

And if there’s something that sounds so familiar to you that you feel like you already know it and don’t need to complete the exercise, I’m going to challenge you to do the exercise anyway; go into it with beginner’s mind and engage with it as if it’s new to you. Be open and see what happens!