Mind Body Definitions

Throughout Ally, I am going to be talking about “you”, “your mind” and “your body” as if they are individual, separate things.

By mind, I am referring to your conscious mind … the thoughts and beliefs that you are aware of. Since most people identify with their conscious minds so strongly, when I say “you” or “your mind” I am talking about the same thing … the “you” that you identify most strongly with during your day to day life.

The reason I differentiate between you/your mind and your body throughout Ally, speaking as if they are 2 separate things, is because for most people, especially people with pain or other persistent or chronic physical symptoms, there is a disconnect between the mind and the body. The mind struggles to figure out how to make the body be different, and the body just remains the way it is. There isn’t constructive communication between the two.

But in reality, there is absolutely no separation between your mind and your body, and you will learn this first hand through Ally.