Did You Know Your Body Can Do THIS?!

But how is it possible, that this simple exercise helped finally resolve Susan’s pain?

It’s possible because there are some amazing things about your body that you may not be aware of:

  • Your body is able to store emotional issues for you that are too difficult for you to process and resolve at the time.
  • Your body is able to indicate to you the places in your life that you are not living in alignment with your true self.
  • Your body contains its own wisdom and intelligence, separate from your brain’s thinking, that is able to guide you in your life and help you solve problems.

Sadly, many people don’t even know that their body is capable of these things! In fact, our entire medical model does not take this reality into account, which comes with a heavy cost. Millions of people suffer every day who could be helped with the things I’m going to teach you in Ally.

Because the truth is:

Your story is written in your body.

Your biography becomes your biology.

Your issues are in your tissues.

Of course not all physical problems are caused by unresolved emotions, or misalignments, but:

  • the physical problems that are difficult or impossible to diagnose, in which all the medical tests come back negative (ie. they don’t find a problem), or
  • the pain that doesn’t get better no matter what you do, or
  • the problems that keep showing up in a new place once one thing resolves

… these are all signs that the core of the problem may not be strictly physical.

But I want to make one thing perfectly clear. When I say that there may be an emotional issue at the core of your pain, it does NOT mean that “the problem is all in your head”! Not at all! What it means is that emotional issues held in the body can create or turn into physical problems. And resolving these emotional issues can allow the body to finally be able to heal.

And even if the root cause of your problem isn’t unresolved emotions, or a misalignment between your life and your true self, the things I’m going to teach you in Ally can still help you feel better, and help your body finally begin to heal. By learning to connect to and communicate with your body in the ways I’m going to teach you, you will find that things in your body that have been stuck no matter what you’ve tried will soften, be less problematic, and may even resolve. But even if they don’t, you will find that you are able to live with them in a more relaxed way.