Whether you prefer to work one on one, in small groups, or are a do it yourself kind of person, and whether or not you live local to the Lexington, Massachusetts area, there is a way for us to work together! Here are my current offerings:

One-on-one offerings:

  1. Deep Dive Healing Program: In this 3 month program that will be customized to your unique needs, you and I will work closely to uncover the root causes of your pain and release them, compassionately and gently. Combining weekly hands on bodywork (for local folks) or online video call coaching (for non locals) with customized home assignments (which will include things like journaling suggestions, personalized meditations, physical exercises, etc) we will dive deep into what is going on for you so we can solve this mystery of your pain together. Click here for more information.
  2. Individual bodywork or online coaching sessions: You can also schedule individual sessions with me for bodywork or online coaching, if you're not quite sure you're ready for the Deep Dive! Click here for more information.

Do It Yourself offerings:

  1. Ally: This is my online program that takes you through a powerful progression of exercises that will transform your relationship with your body, helping you resolve the root issues that are keeping your body stuck. And it's not completely "do it yourself" as it includes access to me through a private Facebook group. Click here for more information.

More offerings, including small group programs will be coming soon, so stay tuned! Or check my Events page.