Emotional Healing Journey with my Kairos Sisters

 Hello, my dear sisters!

This is where you can sign up to receive the recordings of the emotional healing "program" I offered in Kairos, and to receive follow up information.

NOTE: When you sign up here, you will go into a segment of my email list specific to this program, and not onto my main email list. If you want to get on that list, go to my website barbaragosselin.com and sign up for my newsletter there (and receive my free gift "10 Essential Ingredients to Heal from Trauma" that I am really proud of!)

This Emotional Healing program is something I am currently developing, and I am so appreciative of you and your participation, so I can create a program that offers the greatest value and transformation. I am always open to input, so I welcome your comments and shares about your experience, and anything that would be even more helpful for you.

I have a LOT of experience in emotional healing and am so happy I get to share this with you.



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